The key to good health is Vitality.

We’re committed to helping you live a happier and healthier life. And we believe a big piece of living happier and healthier includes helping you stay engaged in mind, body and spirit.

So we’ve created our Vitality Program, dedicated to maximizing your health and independence.

Think of our approach as a wheel, with your health at the hub. The spokes are the services we offer, working together with your overall wellness in mind. Once you become a new resident, you can choose to have an initial health and wellness assessment, from which we create a customized Vitality Plan. The plan gives you a variety of personalized recommendations, from activities to classes, to optimize your well-being.

We regularly reassess each resident’s Vitality Assessment and Plan, which helps encourage continued participation and promotes progress.

Other services included in the Vitality Program include:

  • Dietary services
  • Medical navigation
  • Counseling services
  • Access to an on-site nurse practitioner and practicing physician

All this is available, right here at The Terraces.


Living well goes beyond physical health – it also includes mind and spirit, too. Which is why our wellness philosophy addresses all parts of your life. Jamie Walters, our Director of Lifestyle and Leisure, explains how we bring that philosophy to life.